Autogen-Ritter GmbH

More than 100 years ago, AUTOGEN-RITTER started the business focused on the former state of the art gas welding . Gas welding in German means AUTOGEN welding, this is where we got our name from. Industry moving forward AUTOGEN-RITTER has introduced welding torches for gas shielded arc welding to our portfolio back in the sixties. Today we can offer a vast number of torches for MIG/MAG, TIG and plasma welding which cover numerous requirements of manual and industrial automated application. Reliability, tradition and innovation, this is what AUTOGEN-RITTER stands for, worldwide.

The individual wishes of our customers are of a special consideration for Autogen-Ritter. You need a particular tube length? Your project demands special torches or specific constructions? We offer a tailored customer serivce experience whether it be for one piece or one hundred.

Standard product range and custom-made products

Autogen-Ritter provides a large standard range of welding products. However, in this dynamic and competitive industry, standing still means being left behind. Changing markets and technological advances require ongoing development of our welding technologies. Flexibility combined with our strengths in development and production allow targeted solutions for our customers. For new products, we combine an enviable history of experience and innovative approaches.

We develop and produce at our location in Munich, Germany. With strong know-how, quality materials, advance design modeling tools and modern dimensioning technologies, we develop top quality welding and cutting torches that stand true on our German engineering tradition. The implementation of effective manufacturing facilities enables a consistently high production of quality. Our goal is to produce functional and long-lasting products for an ideal work result.