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Since more than 100 years AUTOGEN-RITTER stands for reliability, tradition and innovation. Our well experienced team located at our production and innovation site in Feldkirchen by Munich is continuously working on satisfying customer’s expectations. Due to our big range of products, we are able to find a perfect fit for nearly every challenge. Within our portfolio you can find a vast number of MIG/MAG, TIG and plasma welding torches. In case our standard portfolio does not meet your expectations or address your problem, our technical design and development experts are able to provide tailor-made solutions. Whether standard portfolio or innovative customer specific devices, AUTOGEN-RITTER is always at your side.

Plasma-Powder-Torch PTR 450 for cladding

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Take advantage from our more than 100 years of experience in production and development of welding torches.

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The Autogen-Ritter GmbH

More than 100 years ago, AUTOGEN-RITTER started the business focused on the former state of the art gas welding . Gas welding in German means AUTOGEN welding, this is where we got our name from. Industry moving forward AUTOGEN-RITTER has introduced welding torches for gas shielded arc welding to our portfolio back in the sixties. Today we can offer a vast number of torches for MIG/MAG, TIG and plasma welding which cover numerous requirements of manual and industrial automated application. Reliability, tradition and innovation, this is what AUTOGEN-RITTER stands for, worldwide.