Push-Pull Torches

ARgo PP 450 W

water cooled

Push-Pull welding torch ARgo-PP with new patented handle solution for "standard" or "pistol grip" style - choose the best handle version depending on welding position - just with one torch system ! Optional with various trigger modul solutions.

Technical Data


Rating CO2: 450 A (accor. to EN 60 974-7)
Rating Gas Mix: 360 A (ArCO2/M21)
Duty Cycle: @60%
Diameter: 0.8-1.2 mm
Part Number/ Details 6m 8m 10m
with straight Neck, Euro-Connector 7076001 7078001 70710001
with 35° Neck, Euro-Connector 7076002 7078001




You will find all information and order numbers as well as detail drawings here (data sheet-PDF).

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