Plasma Welding Torches

PHW 50 / 51


Efficient torches for connecting the electrode with the positive or negative pole. The arc is ignited by means of a pilot arc between electrode and nozzle (connection with negative pole). Ignition with positive poled electrode by means of high-voltage pulses. All ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be welded as well as aluminium.

Technical Data



50 A with Electrode -Pole

30A with Electrode +Pole

Duty Cycle: @100%
Plasma (orifice) Gas: Argon
Shielding Gas: Argon/Hydrogen
Part Number/ Details 3m    
PHW 50 75303136    
PHW 51 75303651    


You will find all information and order numbers as well as detail drawings here (data sheet-PDF).

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