Our Company

The Autogen-Ritter GmbH was founded in 1920. Since 1963 welding and cutting torches have been produced at our location Munich, Germany.

We have a large standard range of products produced in our modern factory and we offer customer focussed and problem-oriented special-purpose solutions on a world wide scale.

Since May 2014 we have expanded our production and storage capacity to 5000m² at our new location in Feldkirchen, near Munich.

Development / Production / Service

Based on modern dimensioning technology, using 3D-CAD programmes, we have developed and continue to develop to our customers requirements top quality welding and cutting torches, “Made in Germany”. Our particular strength is in the area of automated welding.

The use of modern and highly effective production equipment plus our highly trained technicians and staff leads to high quality and optimal solutions for you.

Prompt demand-oriented service is our strength.

Our high quality products and quick delivery times are due to a combination of flexibility and effective management structures. These are the outstanding characteristics of AUTOGEN-RITTER.

Thanks to almost 100 years of manufacturing and with world-wide sales experience, we understand the needs of the welding and cutting market.

We offer an expansive range of welding and cutting equipment and safety articles